About Us

How (and why) it all began

Before founding his company, General Manager Walter Wagner trained as industrial and instrument mechanic at a large door manufacturer. After his apprenticeship he was responsible for the maintenance of modern production facilities and had to face a growing problem: high wear on the machines and thus high repair costs.
It turned out that the used lubricants were the main cause for the significant wear. The oils themselves were of good quality, but they did not meet the demands of modern high-performance machines.

As a mechanical engineer Walter Wagner fully understands the operational load that vehicles, heavy trucks and industrial plants have to withstand. This kindled his ambition to create ways to minimize wear and thus lower maintenance costs while increasing the efficiency of the machines to the maximum practical level.

So Mr. Wagner started research and development and came up with the first self produced lubricants back in 1994 – Wagner Spezialschmierstoffe was born. Since then, Walter Wagner and his engineers have constantly researched and worked on optimizing our oils and additives, especially in terms of wear protection.


Over the last 27 years our company gained worldwide reputation with highly effective products, all developed and produced inhouse. The already impressive product portfolio is still growing and revitalizes the label “Made in Germany” to a higher quality level. With new ecological challenges rising, we put our effort in optimizing our products to meet the highest environmental protection standards while still further improving their core competencies, mainly wear reduction. With this initial goal to reduce wear we already were ahead of the time, establishing sustainability as a fundamental cornerstone in our company.

So, no matter what your needs are – beeing end costumer or large industrial company with impressive machine park – WAGNER is the partner you always searched for when it comes to lubrication. Our customers – a lot of them for many years – validate our commitment to effective, high quality lubrication solutions.