WAGNER High Tech Additives

Our complete range of high quality, self developed and german made oils and additives for modern automotive application.

The starting point of our company: in the early 90ies, after the introduction of unleaded fuel, Walter Wagner realized that the automotive oils and fuels on the market entail more and more drawbacks for internal combustion engines. So he began researching and developing additives to adress this drawbacks. Our portfolio of oil and fuel additives is entirely self-developed and produced in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards, involving long-term tests and taking into account the feedback from our customers.
The results – as well as many satisfied long time customers – prove us right. Give our products a try and feel the difference: enjoy extra power, smoothness and a longer mechanical lifespan!

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Fuel Additives:

Valve & Injection Cleaner

Specialized petrol additive formula for the complete cleaning of valves, injectors and the entire fuel system.

Highly effective detergents and active ingredients remove oil, carbon, resinification, varnish and lacquering on pistons, valves and in injectors, carburettors and high-pressure pumps. Suitable for all engines with carburettors and petrol injection systems such as K-, KE, L-Jetronic and similar. Compatible with catalytic converters, turbochargers, superchargers, compressors and other forced air induction systems.

• finer atomization and thus greatly improved combustion
• prevents formation of deposits in the fuel injection system
• absorbs and efficiently removes moisture from the fuel system
• improves engine performance
• reduces fuel consumption and emissions
• extends system service life

Application: add before refueling, 300ml are sufficient for 50 litres of fuel.
Can be used undiluted to clean dismantled parts.

Benzin Power-Mix

Fuel system power treatment for 2- and 4-stroke petrol (gasoline) engines.

Time tested formula designed to greatly improve the stability of petrol and optimize it for combustion. Contains surface-active components to clean and protect the entire fuel supply system from harmful deposits.

• improves combustion efficiency and engine performance
• prevents corrosion and fuel aging
• dissolves carbon residues in carburettors and injection systems
• cleans contaminated exhaust valves and piston heads
• improves the octane value
• reduces emissions such as CO, HC, NOx and soot
• eliminates bacteria
• cleans catalytic converters while driving

Application: add before refueling – mixing ratio 1:200.
300ml are sufficient for up to 60 litres of fuel.

Octane Booster

Long-lasting increase of petrol‘s octane value thanks to newly developed, metal-free additives.

Unlike standard manganese octane additives, Wagner Octane Booster increases petrol/gasoline energy density by raising the evaporation temperature, resulting in a finer atomization and a raised auto ignition temperature. This leads to a highly efficient and clean combustion process and the elimination of knocking, overall generating a much higher fuel energy output.

• increase in octane value
• cooler and more efficient combustion
• reduces fuel consumption and emission levels
• enhances performance, horsepower, torque and acceleration
• eco-friendly, no harmful additives rated for GDI (gasoline direct injection)
• residue-free combustion prevents deposits on valves, valve seats, piston heads and spark plugs
• efficient lubrication of injectors and high-pressure pumps

Application: add 1 to 2% (depending on the fuel quality) of the total fuel volume when refueling.

Diesel Injector-Cleaner

Specialized diesel additive formula for the complete cleaning of injectors and the entire fuel system.

Highly effective detergents and active components remove oil, carbon and varnish in injectors, combustion chambers, on pistons and valves. The entire fuel system is kept free of deposits, thus allowing the engine to operate at peak performance and efficiency.
Wagner Diesel Injecto-Cleaner is safe for use in all diesel engines – with particulate filters, SCR catalytic converters, as well as in all modern high-pressure injection systems like Common-Rail, PD, TDI etc.

• finer fuel atomization, thus greatly improved combustion
• removes existing deposits in the fuel pathways
• prevents re-formation of deposits in the fuel system
• enhances performance, horsepower, torque and acceleration
• absorbs and efficiently removes moisture from the fuel system
• reduces consumption and emissions
• extends system service life

Application: Mixing ratio 1:150 – 300ml of Injector-Cleaner treat up to 50 litres of diesel.

Diesel Power Mix

Fuel system treatment for diesel, biodiesel and plant oils. Protects the engine from all diesel related problems.

Highly active catalytic components provide for faster ignition times, resulting in an optimized, more effective combustion. Surface-active ingredients and detergents remove and dissolve deposits in the entire fuel system (tank lines, injection system, inlet ports), on valves and in the combustion chamber on pistons and ring grooves. This component formula also prevents the re-formation of desposits in the long run. To ensure effective wear protection, a specialized additive component takes care of lubricating high-pressure pumps, injectors and valves.

• enhaces engine performance and efficiency
• improves the cetane value
• efficiently protects the fuel system from corrosion
• greatly improves cold start and behaviour in cold weather condition
• provides for smoother engine operation
• increases fuel mileage and reduces emissions like CO, HC, NOx and soot
• extends service life and DPF lifespan
• eliminates bacteria
• absorbs and efficiently removes moisture from the fuel system

Application: Mixing ratio 1:200 – 300ml of Diesel Power Mix treat up to 60 litres of diesel.

Oil Additives:


Universal high-tech micro-ceramic oil additive for all internal combustion engines and manual gear boxes.

Wagner Micro-Ceramic contains billions of nano-sized ceramic pearls that adhere to the metal’s porous surface and greatly improve the lubrication capacity of standard engine oils. The nano-particles act as ball bearings, reducing friction and smoothing out the metal surfaces. This ensures optimal gliding even under extreme temperature and pressure and provides excellent dry-running protection.

• maximum wear protection
• reduced friction, thus enhaced performance output
• reduced fuel and oil consumption
• reduced mechanical noises
• smoother mechanical operations (e.g. gear changes)
• lower oil running temperatures
• enhaced service life and mechanical lifespan
• reduced operational costs

No application in automatic transmission! Here, Wagner ATF Power-Mix is recommended.

Application: when changing oil, replace 10% of the total oil volume

ATF Power-Mix

Maximum wear protection for automatic transmissions, manual gear boxes and power steering systems.

High-tech oil additive containing our latest anti-wear technology to reduce wear and extend the service life of automatic and manual transmissions and power steerings. The included Oil-Stop revitalizes seals, thus repairing and preventing leaks and ensuring the optimal gear change performance. ATF Power-Mix does not contain solids like MoS2, Graphite or Ceramic and does not interfere with micro-filtration systems. Miscible with all mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic and gear oils and compatible with all automatic and manual transmission, including CVT and DSG drives.

• reduced wear and pitting on metal contact points and clutch disks
• extended service life and mechanical lifespan
• reduced running noises and temperatures
• smoother gear changes and system operations
• prevents residues and varnish formation on all metal surfaces, including clutch plates
• revitalizes and repairs seals & gaskets inside the system
• prevents transmission shudder

Application: while changing oil/fluid, replace 5% of the total oil/fluid volume


Repairs leaky seals in engines, manual and automatic transmissions, power steerings, differentials and hydraulic systems.

Oil-Stop revitalizes and repairs brittle seals & gasket inside engines, transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems. The seals become smooth and flexible again and regain a reliable tightness, thus reducing oil consumption and emissions and eliminating leaks.

Oil-Stop contains synthetic based components that do not affect oil viscosity. Suitable for use in all gasoline and diesel engines, manual and automatic transmissions, power steering transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems.

Oil-Stop can be used with all standard, semi- and fully synthetic oils.

Application: add 3-5% of the total oil volume. For preventive treatment, 3% of the total oil volume should be added with every oil change.


Highly effective, specialized additive combination formulated to profoundly clean the lubrication pathways of engines and gearboxes.

The combination of detergents and solvents removes deposits on pistons and ring grooves, in bores, oil pipes and filters by completely dissolving grime and sludge. Furthermore it also prevents varnish formation om hot metals during the cleaning process and afterwards during normal use.
Unlike most engine cleaners and flushes, Wagner Motor-Cleaner also contains a highly specialized lubrication component, thus protecting all components from wear during the cleaning process.

• improves compression
• enhaces engine performance
• reduces engine running noises
• reduces fuel and oil consumption and emissions
• reduces wear and neutralizes harmful oleic acids
• extends the service life of DPFs and catalytic converters

Application: Replace 6-8% of the total oil volume before changing oil. Drive or let the engine run for 15-20 minutes, then change oil and filter. Please observe manufacturers instructions.